CUPE EWBT Update Re: Retiree Benefits Plan

For your information, please note the May 1, 2018 transition date for eligible Retirees (retired before February 28, 2018) to move to the CUPE EWBT Retiree Benefits Plan has been postponed as a significant issue has arisen with the implementation of the plan. At this time, we are unable to give a firm date for transition to the new plan. Retirees are advised to contact their Board for continued coverage. Please see the attached Bulletin of April 24, 2018: click here

Once the issue is resolved and the CUPE EWBT Retiree Benefits Plan is in place, further communications will be issued from the CUPE EWBT.

Thank you for your patience.


David Spek
Managing Director
CUPE Education Workers’ Benefits Trust
Tel. 416.518.5182