Congratulations CUPE 1238 Members!

On June 4th, 2018 the annual LKDSB Employee Retirement and 25 Years of Service Recognition Ceremony took place. CUPE 1238 local sends best wishes to all!


2017 Retirees:

Dale Baker C1, King George VI Chatham

Larry Kinart C1, Lansdowne

Doris LeBlanc EA, AMSS

Ruthann Redmond EA, Wyoming

Karen Swain Secondary Clerk II, CKSS


2018 Retirees:

Rick Benn C3, BDHS

Nicole Cole C2, Lansdowne

Karen Corr Secretary to Elementary Principal, A. A Wright

Sandra Derlis Secondary Clerk IV, Continuing Education

Michael Dodman C1, BDHS

Nathan Dolson Electrician, Maintenance Dept.

Glenda Ebert Speech/Language Pathologist, Special Education

Patricia English EA, Tecumseh

Pam Fell Elementary Clerk, Rosedale

Debbie Hayden C2, Bright’s Grove

Delores Healy C3, LCCVI

Diane Herron EA, Hanna

Shelley Jackson Elem Supervision Support/C2, Lansdowne/Errol Rd

Simone Johnston Secondary Clerk III, CKSS

Brenda Kelly C2, LKCS

Cheryl Littlejohn Secretary to Elementary Principal, Zone Twp.

Ann Lowes EA, Gregory Drive

Helen Maddock Library Supervisor, NLSS

Scott Marshall Plumber, Maintenance Dept.

Donna McAuslan EA, Lambton Centennial

Debora McMurphy EA, WDSS

Deborah McPherson EA, Winston Churchill

Walter Medeiros C1, Wheatley

Neil Noble C1, Hillcrest

Margo Omstead Secretary to Elementary Principal, Wheatley

Wendy Reynolds C2, JMSS

Linda Routley C3, WDSS

Dan Sikora IT Hardware Technician, IT Dept

Debbie Smeltzer CUPE President

Sander Smids IT Hardware Technician, IT Dept

Alcide Teixeira Secondary Clerk III, CKSS

Dawn Thompson C1, Confederation Central

Sandy Webster EA, Indian Creek PS

Suzanne Westley Client Support Technician, IT Dept

Irene Zink C1, King George VI Sarnia


25 Years of Service:

Robert Apothecary C2, WDSS

Evelyn Causley Secretary to Elementary Principal, Bridgeview

Lesley Depencier Secretary to the Manager of Financial Services, CREC

Nancy Faubert Secretary to Elementary Principal, Bright’s Grove

Julia Henderson C2, GLSS

Michele Lalonge-Davey CUPE 1238 President

Joseph Lauzon Carpenter, Maintenance Dept

Dwayne McPhedran Itinerant Custodian, NCIVS

Dina McPhee EA, P.E. McGibbon

Alister Moyer C1, AMSS

Gina Paradis Secondary Clerk III, JMSS

Shirley Warren EA, Lambton Centennial

Ruth Webster Secretary to Elementary Principal, Confederation

Rosaline Wilson C1, JMSS


**Note: This is the most up to date information we have at this time. Some members may have submitted retirement notice and are not seen on the list but will be next year.