General Membership Meeting

The next GMM will be Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 at Lambton Kent Composite School in Dresden, ON. The meeting will begin at 9:30a.m. in the cafeteria. 

GMMs are for all CUPE 1238 members. Occasional workers are strongly encouraged to attend!

2018-2019 GMM Dates:

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

BILL 115 Unsuccessful Delivery of Remedy Payments

OSBCU discussions with the Government agreed that for unsuccessful remedy payments to our members, that we would try to locate individuals who did not receive their payments due to incorrect banking or mailing address information.  

Please review the list of names here:
Bill 115 – Page 1
Bill 115 – Page 2

If any CUPE 1238 member has contact information or the ability to locate any of these individuals please tell them to email their contact information or you can choose to email the contact information to

DO NOT email the local!!

Use this email:

Member at Large Election Results

Thank you to those who ran for CUPE 1238 Member at Large. The results are in…

Congratulations to Shawn Haskell and Kim Laird for being the successful candidates for Member at Large!

Thank you to the membership for taking the time to vote!

In Solidarity,
CUPE 1238 Election Committee


All members are asked to carefully review the following:

Article L20.01 – 10 days Notice Leaves of Absence
It is paramount that you get your LOA form in at least 10 days ahead of the date of the leave!!

L 20.01 The Manager of Human Resources or designate may grant a Leave of Absence to an employee for personal reasons within this Article provided: (a) Request for leave must be submitted on the standard “Request for Leave” form available in each school office and in the Human Resources Department of the Board Complex; (b) The “Request for Leave” form must be properly completed, signed by the employee, by the Principal/Supervisor and forwarded to the Manager of Human Resources or designate to arrive at least ten (10) days prior to the date of leave; (c) In the event of an emergency, a telephone call to the Principal/Supervisor, followed by a completed application form, will be acceptable; (d) Such absence must not, in the opinion of the Employer, conflict with the efficient operation of the school system, such request will not be unreasonably denied.   

DO NOT leave this only up to your Principal, Supervisor or co-worker. Ensure that you follow up and KNOW that the LOA has been faxed. It is our responsibility! Many LOAs have been denied because of the timing. There is no contravention of the CA if denied for this reason.

The local made note of this in the July and September newsletters warning us all that the employer is holding strong to the 10 days. We also sent this notice as a separate email communication on October 16th, 2018. 

HR-03 Memo – Discretionary Days & Leaves of Absence
The supporting documentation must be received in the Human Resources Department no later than 5 working days following the date of the appointment. This has caused several discretionary days to be denied. The practice was not followed according to the language in the memo in the beginning… which the local brought up… and is now being followed. 

We suggest you do not rely on the board courier mail service to submit your documentation (as it may not reach the HR department within 5 days). 

PLEASE review the HR-03 memo that we all received September 2017 so that you are following the memo correctly and won’t face a denial. 

HR-03 Memo: Effective immediately, all permanent CUPE employees must submit supporting documentation for a discretionary leave when attending a specialist appointment for themselves or an immediate family member covered under the CUPE 1238 Collective Agreement. This documentation must include name, address, and telephone number of the specialist and the date and time of the appointment. This documentation must be received in the Human Resources Department no later than 5 working days following the date of the appointment.

Congratulations CUPE 1238 Members!

On June 4th, 2018 the annual LKDSB Employee Retirement and 25 Years of Service Recognition Ceremony took place. CUPE 1238 local sends best wishes to all!


2017 Retirees:

Dale Baker C1, King George VI Chatham

Larry Kinart C1, Lansdowne

Doris LeBlanc EA, AMSS

Ruthann Redmond EA, Wyoming

Karen Swain Secondary Clerk II, CKSS


2018 Retirees:

Rick Benn C3, BDHS

Nicole Cole C2, Lansdowne

Karen Corr Secretary to Elementary Principal, A. A Wright

Sandra Derlis Secondary Clerk IV, Continuing Education

Michael Dodman C1, BDHS

Nathan Dolson Electrician, Maintenance Dept.

Glenda Ebert Speech/Language Pathologist, Special Education

Patricia English EA, Tecumseh

Pam Fell Elementary Clerk, Rosedale

Debbie Hayden C2, Bright’s Grove

Delores Healy C3, LCCVI

Diane Herron EA, Hanna

Shelley Jackson Elem Supervision Support/C2, Lansdowne/Errol Rd

Simone Johnston Secondary Clerk III, CKSS

Brenda Kelly C2, LKCS

Cheryl Littlejohn Secretary to Elementary Principal, Zone Twp.

Ann Lowes EA, Gregory Drive

Helen Maddock Library Supervisor, NLSS

Scott Marshall Plumber, Maintenance Dept.

Donna McAuslan EA, Lambton Centennial

Debora McMurphy EA, WDSS

Deborah McPherson EA, Winston Churchill

Walter Medeiros C1, Wheatley

Neil Noble C1, Hillcrest

Margo Omstead Secretary to Elementary Principal, Wheatley

Wendy Reynolds C2, JMSS

Linda Routley C3, WDSS

Dan Sikora IT Hardware Technician, IT Dept

Debbie Smeltzer CUPE President

Sander Smids IT Hardware Technician, IT Dept

Alcide Teixeira Secondary Clerk III, CKSS

Dawn Thompson C1, Confederation Central

Sandy Webster EA, Indian Creek PS

Suzanne Westley Client Support Technician, IT Dept

Irene Zink C1, King George VI Sarnia


25 Years of Service:

Robert Apothecary C2, WDSS

Evelyn Causley Secretary to Elementary Principal, Bridgeview

Lesley Depencier Secretary to the Manager of Financial Services, CREC

Nancy Faubert Secretary to Elementary Principal, Bright’s Grove

Julia Henderson C2, GLSS

Michele Lalonge-Davey CUPE 1238 President

Joseph Lauzon Carpenter, Maintenance Dept

Dwayne McPhedran Itinerant Custodian, NCIVS

Dina McPhee EA, P.E. McGibbon

Alister Moyer C1, AMSS

Gina Paradis Secondary Clerk III, JMSS

Shirley Warren EA, Lambton Centennial

Ruth Webster Secretary to Elementary Principal, Confederation

Rosaline Wilson C1, JMSS


**Note: This is the most up to date information we have at this time. Some members may have submitted retirement notice and are not seen on the list but will be next year.


CUPE EWBT Update Re: Retiree Benefits Plan

For your information, please note the May 1, 2018 transition date for eligible Retirees (retired before February 28, 2018) to move to the CUPE EWBT Retiree Benefits Plan has been postponed as a significant issue has arisen with the implementation of the plan. At this time, we are unable to give a firm date for transition to the new plan. Retirees are advised to contact their Board for continued coverage. Please see the attached Bulletin of April 24, 2018: click here

Once the issue is resolved and the CUPE EWBT Retiree Benefits Plan is in place, further communications will be issued from the CUPE EWBT.

Thank you for your patience.


David Spek
Managing Director
CUPE Education Workers’ Benefits Trust
Tel. 416.518.5182

EWBT Enrolment Extension Announcement

As the enrolment deadline of March 23, 2018 is upon us, the CUPE EWBT is pleased to announce that approximately 85% of our eligible members have successfully enrolled in the CUPE EWBT Benefits Plan. However, the CUPE EWBT also recognizes there have been many ongoing challenges, both on an individual basis and at the Local level in enrolling all eligible members.
We want to ensure every member has the opportunity to enrol and therefore are extending the enrolment deadline to April 6, 2018.
Please note the following:
  1. If you or your member has contacted either OTIP, Great-West Life or the Trust regarding ongoing issues with enrolment, such as data and system errors, errors in reporting of hours or life insurance amounts, or premium calculation concerns among others, the extended deadline of April 6, 2018 will not applyWe also want to assure these members that the member will not be considered a Late Applicant, coverage in the Benefits Plan will be retroactive to March 1, 2018 regardless of actual date of completion of enrolment, and no Late Applicant Evidence of Insurability will be required.
  1. If a member was hired subsequent to January 1, 2018, but has not received an enrolment email, please advise the member that the updated data provided by the Boards is being verified and processed, and once complete, an enrolment invitation email will be forwarded to the member’s Board email address. NOTE: If the member is a new hire, the extended deadline of April 6, 2018 will not apply. The member will have 31 days from the date of the enrolment invitation email to complete the enrolment process. Again, we also want to assure these members that the member will not be considered a Late Applicant, coverage in the Benefits Plan will be retroactive to March 1, 2018 or the member’s date of hire (whichever is later), and no Late Applicant Evidence of Insurability will be required provided the member enrols within the 31 days
  1. If a member believes they should be eligible but have not received an enrolment email, please encourage the member to contact OTIP’s Call Centre directly to confirm eligibility and request the email be sent. NOTE: If the member has not received the enrolment email, the extended deadline of April 6, 2018 will not apply. The member will have 31 days from the date of the enrolment invitation email to complete the enrolment process. Claims eligibility will be retroactive to March 1, 2018 and Late Applicant Evidence of Insurability will not be required provided the member enrols within the 31 days.
  1. Members for whom claims eligibility is determined to be retroactive to March 1, 2018 should be advised that once enrolment is complete, any and all member’s share of the premium costs owed from March 1, 2018 onwards will be payable. Should this cause substantial undue hardship, the member is encouraged to contact OTIP directly to discuss a manageable repayment schedule.
  1. For members whose enrolment process has not been completed, please remind the member to retain any medical/dental receipts from March 1, 2018 onwards as once the enrolment has been processed, the member will be able to submit those receipts retroactively for reimbursement.
We hope the extension of the deadline to April 6, 2018 provides some assurance to members who have not enrolled or continue to experience difficulty enrolling, that we are making every effort to assist them in completing the process. We also want to reassure those members affected that regardless of final date of enrolment, claims reimbursement eligibility will be retroactive to the date the member should first have been eligible.
On behalf of the Trustees of the CUPE EWBT, thank you for all your work to date in helping ensure that the majority of our members have completed the enrolment process and are receiving benefits under the new plan. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in facilitating the transition for those remaining members who are experiencing challenges during this transition to the new CUPE EWBT Benefits Plan.
W. David Spek
Managing Director
CUPE Education Workers’ Benefits Trust
Cell 416.518.5182
80 Commerce Valley Drive East,
Markham, Ontario L3T 0B2

CUPE Education Workers’ Benefit Trust

Attention CUPE 1238 members:

You are reminded to check your board email as February approaches. Soon we will have the opportunity to register for the Education Workers’ Benefit Trust. 

If you know someone who is off on a leave please make sure to let them know. 

Check in HERE for updates regarding the new benefits plan or at the CUPE EWBT website here:

ALERT Bill 115 Remedy Payment

CUPE 1238 Members:

We are asking our members, to please reach out and share this information to former members/inactive members about REMEDY to let them know the following:

  • Inactive members must verify their bank information and home addresses HAVE NOT changed since they left the Board by February 15, 2018 – these members need to indicate to that this is the case as CUPE 1238 needs to provide this list of inactive members to the employer.
  • Inactive employees who HAVE changes to bank information OR address changes MUST submit their changes to the attention of the payroll department
  • Any changes to address and/or bank information must include an original signature from the former employee, void cheque must be submitted. 
  • Please indicate name and address of executor for deceased employees to ensure the payment is made to the estate.

In solidarity,

CUPE 1238 Executive