Leaves of Absence

All members are asked to carefully review the following:

Article L20.01 – 10 days Notice Leaves of Absence

It is paramount that you get your LOA form in at least 10 days ahead of the date of the leave!!

L 20.01 The Manager of Human Resources or designate may grant a Leave of Absence to an employee for personal reasons within this Article provided: (a) Request for leave must be submitted on the standard “Request for Leave” form available in each school office and in the Human Resources Department of the Board Complex; (b) The “Request for Leave” form must be properly completed, signed by the employee, by the Principal/Supervisor and forwarded to the Manager of Human Resources or designate to arrive at least ten (10) days prior to the date of leave; (c) In the event of an emergency, a telephone call to the Principal/Supervisor, followed by a completed application form, will be acceptable; (d) Such absence must not, in the opinion of the Employer, conflict with the efficient operation of the school system, such request will not be unreasonably denied.   

DO NOT leave this only up to your Principal, Supervisor or co-worker. Ensure that you follow up and KNOW that the LOA has been faxed. It is our responsibility! Many LOAs have been denied because of the timing. There is no contravention of the CA if denied for this reason.

The local made note of this in the July and September newsletters warning us all that the employer is holding strong to the 10 days. We also sent this notice as a separate email communication on October 16th, 2018. 


HR-03 Memo – Discretionary Days & Leaves of Absence

The supporting documentation must be received in the Human Resources Department no later than 5 working days following the date of the appointment. This has caused several discretionary days to be denied. The practice was not followed according to the language in the memo in the beginning… which the local brought up… and is now being followed. 

We suggest you do not rely on the board courier mail service to submit your documentation (as it may not reach the HR department within 5 days). 

PLEASE review the HR-03 memo that we all received September 2017 so that you are following the memo correctly and won’t face a denial. 

HR-03 Memo: Effective immediately, all permanent CUPE employees must submit supporting documentation for a discretionary leave when attending a specialist appointment for themselves or an immediate family member covered under the CUPE 1238 Collective Agreement. This documentation must include name, address, and telephone number of the specialist and the date and time of the appointment. This documentation must be received in the Human Resources Department no later than 5 working days following the date of the appointment.